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Mark Alexopoulos

Business and Leadership Insights

Mark Alexopoulos is a leading entrepreneur and technology expert in the automotive remarketing industry. A results-driven individual with decades of experience, Mark helps his clients achieve their maximum potential in terms of profitability and business exposure.

My mother instilled in my family the value of always being the best at what I do.

Mark Alexopoulos

Mark Alexopoulos studied accounting as an undergraduate at Queens College™ from 1989-1992. After he graduated with his degree, Mark turned his attention to the automotive industry. He started out with his own dealer licenses and facilities. From 1993 to 2010, he thrived as a leader in the corporate world. He owned Elite Motor Cars, a premier auto dealership which eventually expanded into an online remarketing technology and automotive company. During his tenure at Elite Motor Cars, he began to build relationships and contacts with other auctions.

Mark’s expansive professional network helps him to this day. When he moved on from Elite Motor Cars, he worked hard to transition into a remarketing technology expert for the largest insurance companies in North America. Now, he is the Founder of My Dealer Auction Corporation, an online auction platform that offers proxy bidding with customer interaction.

My Dealer Auction Corporation’s platform aggregates the most accurate and up-to-date auction data for both insurance companies and rental fleets, thanks to their long-term agreements with some of the largest publicly traded insurance companies and auctions. As Founder of the company, Mark oversees a team of highly qualified industry professionals. Additionally, Mark is Executive Marketing Director of Alexo Consulting Marketing Corp.

As a professional, Mark Alexopoulos has built his career on innovation, particularly when it comes to technology. He delivers online marketing platforms for clients in automotive remarketing, as well as clients in real estate and shopping center development. Having established the largest database, as well as the three largest trade companies in US, he offers the largest selection and the best customer support in the industry.

With Mark’s strategic advice and consulting in campaign management and design analysis, companies can meet their business objectives and reach new heights. He serves various clients throughout the United States and Canada, with a focus on Fort Lauderdale in Florida, where he resides. Throughout his career he has been affiliated with various organizations in the industry, presently including Florida Automobile Dealers™.

On this blog, Mark Alexopoulos will share the lessons he’s learned in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship.