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Within the next few years, the majority of the workplace will consist of millennials. Although millennials are considered a selfish generation, they want to work and support for companies that are socially responsible. Millennials value company culture and social responsible much more than any other generation, which requires companies to embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR).

According to a study of Net Impact, 45 percent of employees would take a 15 percent pay cut (while all other things being equal) for a job that makes a social or environmental impact. Since CSR is becoming a need in the millennial workplace, here are three strategies for marketing and highlighting your CSR programs to recruit both millennial customers and employees:


Showcase Your Impact

If your company is going to do great work and give back, be sure to show it off! Don’t limit your CSR announcements to internal emails or press releases because applicants and customers may not see them. Include your company’s impact on your website, social media and recruiting materials. Be sure not to hide the impressive work under menu drop-downs, rather make it the star of the show. Showcasing volunteer or other CSR events will help recruit both employees and customers. Highlighting your CSR programs also communicates your company values and culture.  

Local Impact

While impacting global change is a great thing, not all CSR programs need to focus on the “big picture.” Millennials are enthusiastic about both local and global social responsibility, which means supporting your local community can make a huge impact. Showcasing how your initiatives have helped the community where your employees and customers live can help your business grow substantially.

Develop Skills

Socially responsible initiatives can help your employees grow both professionally and personally. Be sure to highlight how your CSR programs are helping your employees develop. Not only will this help with recruitment, but it will also encourage current employees to get involved and spread the word.


Many people, especially millennials, are interested in what a company stands for, how it gives back and how it promotes change. Highlighting and marketing your CSR program will help recruit both millennial employees and customers.

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Mark Alexopoulos is a leading entrepreneur and technology expert in the automotive remarketing industry. Check out his automotive blog or follow him on Twitter!